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The Zhoelala Team always pushes the boundaries of creativity, quality, and practicality

The production department pushes the passion even further to create comfortable sandals ! At Zhoelala’s, sandals are mounted, refined, softened and, for most of them, hand-painted so that the sandals won’t leave any glitter on your feet. Zhoelala sandals are original, innovating, girly, and made of top-quality PVC to create a robust and light shoe.


Sustainability & Recycling

Zhoelala wants to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by helping you reducing waste. The plastic used to create our sandals is 100% recyclable so that it can easily be destroyed and reshaped into something new. Please, learn more about the plastic recycling policy in your area! The plastic waste created from the production process is recycled by our Zhoelala Team on site, and partly constitutes the raw material for production.

Respect & Values

Pointe à Pitre - Paris - Bangkok : that’s the multicultural adventure that gave life to our brand, Zhoelala by Shoela. The entire team is involved throughout all of the steps of the creation process. We put our human relationships at the center of our activity: we meet up regularly at the workshop where humility, acceptance, cohesion, and enthusiasm are the very core of our organization.

Intellectual Property

Originally created in Thailand, the brand and models are registered and protected by the French co-creators Domi & Julien. They are the exclusive property of their holders and are protected as such by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Any reproduction or representation without the express prior authorization of the author (s) concerned constitutes an infringement. The brand favors certain models depending on the country.