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Our know-how, as chic sandals designers 

Trend & Design

Flashy colors and light materials take place in your closets and suitcases. We love the details highlighting them : glitter, heart shapes, metallic finished stars or glamorous lips. For a romantic look, hippie-boho, nice gypsie, chic, casual...

Adaptability& solidity

Our sandals are all-surface readly and waterproof so, don't be scared of getting into the water with your flip-flops on your feet ! The plastic is sturdy, easy to wash and maintain.  You will be able to wear these girly sandals at work, at the beach or in night parties. 

Innovation & Comfort

Completely made of PVC, buckle included, choose optimum comfort with an easy-to-set buckle to match your personal liking. Contrary to popular belief, plastic doesn't provoke sweat, not more than tissue or leather.

modern sandals design
sturdy sandal design
girly chic sandals

Sustainability & recycling

By junking less, we get into durability and environmental protection ! We use recyclable plastic to produce the Zhoelala sandals. Learn more about your local plastic recycling policies with authorities in charge of the matter.

Respect & Values

We work in close collaboration with our friends and partners in Thailand. Respect is fundamental in our relationship. We regularly go to work with them at the manufacture and that allow us to stay close to them. The adventure started with a crush where human relantionship were placed at the centrer of the activities. 

Copyright protection

Born in Thailand, the brand is now registered at the french institute of copyright property (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle, INPI). Our story and relationship with the inventors gave birth to a cession of the rights over the french territory. More than simple resellers, we participe in the design, conception, etc. Certain models are exclusively produced for the french market.

sandals wateproof women
design sandals women

Selling policy is protected by the copyright law in France. We are the exclusive authorized sellers and distributors in France. Anobody trying to sell Zhoelala shoes without our approval in continental France or in the French overseas departmentsmay face legal proceedings for copyright violation. 

There is coyright violation when an unpermitted use of a brand is done. 

Code de la propriété intellectuelle, notamment les articles L.716-9 à L.716-11 (qualification du délit de contrefaçon de marque et sanctions)

To know more about the INPI :