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In 2015 after a road trip through Asia, Domi & Julien take a dive in the warm waters of Guadeloupe to create Zhoelala by Shoela, a concept bringing together punchy & colorful sandals coming from Thailand.Domi, originally from Guadeloupe, is a traveler, a dreamer and a gourmet. Julien, originally from Orleans, settled down in cold regions of the globe such as Finland, as well as in the sunnier regions such as Malaysia, Reunion, and Guadeloupe.They embark on the adventure of creating and developing their brands of sandals with their Thai adoptive family.

This human and professional multicultural adventure is born out of a deep care for design, quality and innovation, making Shoela one of the top brand-concept of the Caribbean Islands, worn by all the women who dare. Shoela now wants to make its little sister Zhoelala a successful brand that thinks outside of the box and beyond borders. Both of these brands are always pushing the boundaries of creativity, quality, and practicality.

Whether you’re a frantically busy working girl, a cool mum or an artsy freelancer, you know how to have fun!

So, climb on board, pick the Zhoelala sandals that suit your mood and get ready for playtime! ;)


Press review

The adventure starts with the union of two cultures filled with passion and sun. Zhoelala is a happy and sparkly brand that loves to push the boundaries of fashion to create a remarkable accessory.

From the Caribbean Island to the big cities, worn anytime and anyplace, the Zhoelala sandals can’t go unnoticed, whether it’s on your feet, or in the media!

Zhoelala is a brand for women who dare, and who love to show off their chic Girl Power.