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our story started in asia

The beginning of our story  

A road trip in Asia started it all with a crush, the story of a meeting between two couples in their mid-thirties : one from Thailand, the other couple from France and Guadeloupe, story of a cultural cross-fertilization for the sake of the sandal...

The adventure started in 2015 in the warm waters of Guadeloupe, in the Carribean Sea. My name is Domi, from Guadeloupe, traveller, dreamer and greedy. 

My thing ?

Leave and stay a few months away from my island, at the other side of the glode, in Asia. I Feel lucky to be accompagnied by my adventurous husband, who comes from Orleans in France. 

His thing ?

Being able to settle in cold places such as Finland or warmer countries such as Malaysia, Reunion and more recently Guadeloupe.

Our common point ?

An irresistible will to live our story on Asia's roads. During three months of 2015, we did it, from Thailand to Hong-Kong via Loas and Cambodge. True life-changing encounters remain and so does the Zhoelala adventure. 


One encounter started a beautiful friendship with a couple of Thai creators : passionate exchanges about their craft and culture, a tour of the production plants, constructive talks, a life-changing venture... A new professionnal adventure started with the Shoela concept in the west-indies. This concept showcased foreign designs and we started to see ourself as creators as well.

The beautiful Zhoelala sandals were designed in the first place by our Thai friends : Nuch and Chai. They got their spot into this concept, which gathered foreign designs but also ours as the months went by. I actually worn them everyday during this three months' asian road trip, staying girly and chic in every circumstances : walking, biking, on scooter, in the cities, at the sea or in the mountains and even in the most hyped parties on the highest asian rooftops. They go with me now on the daily, in the warm waters of the sea and in the cold rivers or the Caribbean islands. 

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The launching

Quickly after the launching of the Shoela concept, we started to work from the initial stages of the design beside Nuch and Chai : it went from improving the presentation and the quality of the sandals, the addition of new sizes, to the design of new collections and colors to meet the expectations of the market. We regularly went to meet them at the workshop to create and assemble models together.

The intellectual property rights of the models and the protection of our investments then came an issue to handle. We had two options, we could either recreate the molds for the Shoela company or keep Zhoelala's molds and buy the brand Zhoelala. After several negociations, we chose the second option. The brand Zhoelala is registered at the french copyright institute called INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) under my name. The french law regulates the trade and copyright policies for all Zhoelala branded products in France. 

Chai and Nuch became our friends, partners and business associates. Shoela became in a few months, a fashion phenomenon in the West Indies, ground of mixed cultures. The sandals are comfortable, stylish and suitable for every occasion. Having received many requests for the continental France, we decided to create this website to offer you the best service ! 

It is now time for Shoela to evolve and become Zhoelala as well. It is also time for you to wear shoes differently while having comfort, originality and this glam' attitude at your feet. You can share your adventure with your nice flip-flops on our social networks : comment, like and share. Wherever you wear them, don't be afraid to send a nice picture to the community of the Shoela choupettes and the Team In Love Zhoelala in France.

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